Principal message to students

Dear students,

Hope that all of you and your family members are safe in this COVID -19 pandemic.

Today it is understatement to say that the whole world has changed dramatically over last few months. The present pandemic has not only affected the humanity in terms of health, economy, social and political aspect but it has also shown the mental impact on the people. In this period of uncertainty we all are showing different and individualized reactions to the present situation. You being the younger population and health science students might be facing its effect in more severe way. The present time is different from yesterday and is difficult too. And what it is going to be like hereafter, we all might wonder.

What is most important is during this time get prepared to face new world of tomorrow with positive hope. Have positive attitude and hope for your bright future. Learn from the present situation and be prepared to face it strongly even in future if similar situation arises. Feel proud that you are in health science profession and remember that you have obligations towards the society. Do not remain back in shouldering the responsibility as covid fighters and try to help the community in direct or indirect way to fight against this deadly virus. Understand and do your role with responsible behavior in this pandemic. Help other to do so. There are many people around you who need your help and support today and always. Remember the opportunity comes only once, so let this opportunity not pass as it is. Grab it and show that even though you are students, you are not less than anyone else.

At the same time do take care of yourself and your family members too. maintain your physical and mental health too. See that you utilize the present period for academic activities. Utilize this period to achieve academic excellence and mastery over the subjects. Do take some time for your recreational activities too. Maintain your spiritually with strong faith in Lord Almighty God.

remember like everything else, this time too shall pass…..

I am sure with strong hope and positive attitude we shall always win….

Dr Mrs Jyoti R. Thakur